Research Projects

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    Development and Evaluation of a Virtual Reality Simulator Using Computed Tomography Models and Dental Surgery Preoperative Planning

    Member [2011-2012]

    Funding support from Thailand Research Fund (No. MRG5480204)
    – 480,000 Thai Baht

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    Intelligent Virtual Reality Haptic Device for Clinical Dentistry

    Member [2007-2008]

    Funding support from the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (No. NT-B-22-MS-14-50-04)
    – 1,550,000 Thai Baht

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    A Collaborative Intelligent Tutoring System for Medical Problem-Based Learning

    Member [2004-2005]

    Funding support from the Royal Thai Government Joint Research Project
    – 942,500 Thai Baht

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    Global Research Benchmarking System

    Postdoctoral fellow [2010-2013]

    Led by the United Nations University and the Center for Measuring University Performance, GRBS provides objective data and analytics to help universities benchmark their research activities for the purpose of strengthening the quality and increasing the impact of research.

    Scopus dataset and partial funding support from Elsevier.